Unemployment Updates for Employers and Employees

For Pennsylvanian's whose jobs or businesses have been affected by COVID-19, filing for unemployment can be a complicated process.  The team at ODL is here to help. 

Almost all employers and employees are being affected by the current COVID-19 crisis in some manner, with many having to file for unemployment benefits. Benefits may be available to you under the follow circumstances:

  • Your employer temporarily or permanently closes the business due to COVID-19
  • Your hours are reduced due to COVID-19
  • You have shown symptoms and your employer has told you not to come to work
  • You have been told to self quarantine or live in an area under recommended shut down
  • If you can't work due to having to take care of a dependent who is sick or whose school or daycare is closed due to the virus, you may be entitled to benefits outside of unemployment under the Families First Act.  See here.

The PA Department of Unemployment Compensation website has a plethora of information for everyone affected, which covers much more than unemployment details. The COVID-19 tab in the site is the best centralized location to take those affected by this virus in any way to all the information available, including Department of Labor Laws and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). The site is updated almost daily, and relevant FAQ sheets are available for most situations. 

Pertinent Links:

     PA COVID-19 HUB

     PA File an Unemployment Claim Here

     PA Employer COVID-19 FAQs

If your business has closed due to quarantine requirements by our governor and employees are not being paid or have wages/hours that are reduced as a result – employees are entitled to apply for UC benefits. Employers please note this will not affect your rate or reserve account. If you need further clarification, please call our offices. We have detailed information, as well as a dedicated specialist in the department to assist with information rapidly. The fastest way to get information outside of that at this point is to email the department or use the E-chat feature.

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